Frequently Asked Cake Questions

How far in advance should I order a cake?

We request a 3 day lead in time on ordering cakes as well as any other custom order.  Christine makes each cake and frosting from scratch, which requires time and planning.  There have been occasions where she will stop taking orders as to not compromise the quality of the product that you expect, so the more time given, the better.

Do you do Cake Tastings?

Yes, we do have cake tastings.  Christine will talk with you about the different flavors available and about what you’re looking for as far as taste and fillings.  She then takes your requests and makes them into cupcakes which we offer at $1.50/cupcake.  You can either arrange a time to come in and taste with Christine present, or take them home to taste on your own.  A tasting meeting is a great time to bring in pictures or ideas of the cake design that you’re looking for.

What cake flavors/fillings do you offer? 

We have traditional cake flavors that include Vanilla, Chocolate, Marble, Chocolate Chip, Almond and Lemon.

Our specialty cake flavors include Red Velvet, Carrot, Creamsicle and Coconut.

Fillings offered are Chocolate Ganache, Frostings, Raspberry, Strawberry, Vanilla Custard, Chocolate Custard.

How do you price Wedding Cakes/Specialty Cakes?

Because all cakes are so different, we do not have a specific pricing guide for Specialty cakes.  Cake price will ultimately depend on Cake flavor, size, amount of detail and difficulty.  We are very happy to work within any budget that you may have.

What is Fondant?  

Fondant is a sugar based type of frosting that you can see on many cakes.  It has a very sweet taste, and is similar in consistency to a Tootsie Roll, and rolled out almost like clay or play dough.  It is often used in sculpted cakes and gives a very clean and sophisticated look.  It is also used to achieve details which would not be possible with buttercream, such as figures, characters, symbols, etc.  Pricing for Fondant cakes is more expensive than a traditional buttercream cake because of the cost of the actual materials and the time it takes to create the design. Cost always depends on the difficulty of the design but you can count on the cost being at least double that of a buttercream frosted cake.  Cakes that use Fondant will definitely be showstoppers as they tend to look more professional and unique.

What size cake do I need?

Please look at our Basic Cake guide to know what size cake you will need.  All of our Round cakes up to 12 inches are 3 layers and our sheet cakes come in single or double layers.  Cake servings will also depend on the size of slice that you are wanting to serve.  My guide is based on a “traditional serving slice” which is approximately 1 inch by 2 inches.

Do you Deliver or Ship?

Unfortunately we are unable to ship but we do deliver to Cortland and surrounding areas.  A simple delivery drop off in town has a $10.00 delivery charge.  We often deliver cakes and cupcakes to students on the SUNY Cortland Campus, or to someone who needs something sweet for a special occasion.  Local Wedding Cake delivery and set up is $25.00, and anything outside of a 10 mile radius is charged per mile for gas usage.

How do I pay?

Right now the East Side Bakery accepts Cash and Personal Checks.