Now, in my professional opinion, the way to anyones heart is through their stomach.  I still remember one of the first things that Tim did, in our brand new relationship, was bring me a giant tub of his homemade meatballs.  Over 10 years later I still go crazy for the comfort of that food.  I know that I can make him a Pecan Pie or lemon ANYTHING and he’ll be putty in my hands.  Everyone loves to be shown love, and food is one of the best ways to show it.  I am a sucker for Valentine’s Day.  And not really in the lovey~dovey cheesey mushy cards, flowers, and googly eyes kind of way.  I truly do believe in LOVE.  Love for your FAMILY, for your FRIENDS, for your CHILDREN.  Of course its a day for love for your significant other as well, but its the general feeling that I love about the day. It’s a day to celebrate LOVE.  And lets be honest, at the Bakery, this means that it’s a few days out of the year that I can go wild and crazy, no questions asked, with Pinks, Sprinkles, Sparkles and Candy!  There is never enough Sugar, or Chocolate, or Glitter on Valentine’s Day, it’s all about making your Sweetie happy, putting a smile on someones face, and just being thankful for all the LOVE that surrounds us all the time.  Happy Valentine’s Day, from My LOVES to yours!!